Friday, June 17, 2011

Welcome to Aquabeasties Investigations!

We at Aquabeasties are planning some investigations into sea monster cases around the country and around the world.  Whether we conduct a good ol' fashioned monster hunt, an adventurous expedition, or a perilous journey into dangerous territory, we will post our adventures and results here.  So grab your scuba mask, break out that sonar reader, and join us as we venture into the deep unknown!

By the way, in order to fund these monster-hunting expeditions we need some funding--can we tempt you to fill all your sea monster book needs at the Aquabeasties Store?  You buy the books on Amazon as you would normally, only we get a small percentage of the revenue (which translates to more monster-hunting adventures!)  See more about the Aquabeasties Store on the Recommended Media page.